The Tomatoes

A great Italian pasta needs to be served with a great Italian tomato. So, to extend the range of our products, we have also decided to market tomato products bearing the Pasta ZARA brand name. The range consists of: Peeled tomatoes in tomato juice, Tomato purée, Rustic style purée and Diced tomatoes in tomato juice. Which tomatoes have we chosen? The round ones and the long ones grown in the region of Campania, that are well-known and appreciated throughout the world for their characteristics. The Pasta ZARA peeled tomatoes (without skins) in tomato juice are available in 400 and 800 gram tins and a maxi 3 kg tin. They are tinned in a creamy tomato juice. The Pasta ZARA tomato purée, however, is available in transparent glass bottles containing 680 grams of product. The tomato purée is ready for use, just pour into a saucepan and warm through. The Pasta ZARA rustic style purée, on the contrary, is sold in 400 gram tins. It has a rougher and more granular texture reminiscent of the thicker consistency of homemade purées of the past with their flavour of fresh tomatoes. Finally, the peeled and diced tomatoes in tomato juice are available in two tin sizes: 400 grams and 3 kilos. The flesh of the tomatoes is diced into cubes.